Friday, 18 of April of 2014

Interactive Conferencing is here

Interactive Conference Events allows the delegates and host to interact throughout the seminar effortlessly using iPad technology.

Make your next event memorable, informative and interactive by using realtime input and feedback. Full analysis of delegate questions, responses and view content can be measured for subsequent follow up.

A full project managed interactive conference facility costs less than you think, yet the business rewards are massive.

For further information please fill out the Contact Us form, specifying “Interactive Conference” and we will contact you on a no obligation basis.

Progress database to SQL database an affordable solution

Progress Anywhere

Progress-Anywhere (OpenEdge to SQL Server Data Replication)

Business Benefits
Seamlessly run your business critical applications on OpenEdge systems and your Management Information (MI), Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting on SQL Server.
• Let OpenEdge do what it does best by providing industry leading reliability and scalability to your business critical systems and users.
• Let SQL Server do what it does best by providing access to cutting edge MI, BI and Enterprise reporting solutions.
• Never let the performance of your live systems be compromised by the need to report on what they are doing.
• Never let the availability of timely MI, BI and reporting be constrained by the need to keep your live systems running smoothly.

What it Does
Progress-Anywhere is a batch data replicator. It can be pointed at any source Progress/OpenEdge database (9.1D +) to copy all data changes across to a target SQL Server database (2005 +).
• Replicate some or all tables in your source OpenEdge database.
• Replicate some or all fields in your source tables.
• Manage, tune and index the source and target databases completely independently.
• All data type and naming differences automatically transformed.
• SQL Server target database build script automatically created.
• Limitless custom transformations possible (via Professional Services): -

◦ Replicate multiple source tables into one target table and vice versa.
◦ Combine OpenEdge date and time fields into a single datetime field in SQL Server.
◦ Split, merge and convert records and fields as they are replicated.
• Scalable multi-threaded architecture proven in testing to replicate datasets up to 200 million records in one overnight batch run.

This solution is a low cost option, which can be purchased in a number of ways to suit your business. Contact Us now for a no obligation discussion on how this solution can solve your business reporting problems.

The Car Buying Service launches

From the initial brief I could tell Robert “got it”. His ability to get under the skin of the business requirements and to challenge me was one the main reasons the final IT solution was such a great success. His understanding of technology and how it can be applied to business is first class.
Nic Carnell, Director
The Car Buying Service.

Davison Consultancy provides professional services to businesses requiring innovative IT solutions.

The Car People – Showroom system

Want to buy a car and experience real customer service?

The Car People

Robert worked closely with us, undertaking a business process review to enable us to scope out a new customer facing IT system and deliver this product to our business. His methods were meticulous and the end product has made a significant difference to our business, both internally and to the experience of our customers.

Jonathan Allbones, Sales Director

The Car People.

Progress Developers sought throughout UK

If you have at least 3 years experience of Progress Development tools such as Openedge, Appserver, Webspeed, Progress Database Administration then have a look at Progress Jobs , a site that is dedicated to finding and placing good Progress Developers within the UK.

If you have at least 3 years experience of Progress Development tools such as Openedge, Appserver, Webspeed, Progress Database Administration then have a look at Progress Jobs , a site that is dedicated to finding and placing good Progress Developers within the UK.

Maybe you have a Progress development project that needs specific skills and/or additional resource to help deliver the project on time. Call Robert Davison now to discuss some possibilities on a no obligation basis.

SEO Companies, are they value for money?

There is a massive growth in SEO marketing companies which claim to improve your search rankings. However, what are you really getting for your money?

What is success? Is it ….

  • Moving from Page Rank 1 to Page Rank 2?
  • Increase in traffic volumes?
  • Increase in (web) sales?

Without having a clear idea of what you want the SEO company to achieve for their fee, how will know if they have been successful?

A good SEO company should have a good Page Rank themselves, after all, if they cannot get a good ranking for themselves, how can they be sure they can do it for your company. Also, their testimonials should have a good Page Ranking or explain how the SEO company improved their business.

Without carrying out this due diligence, the lack of results some 3-6 months later may be the outcome.

Robert Davison

Davison Consultancy

Top 7 Things You Did Not Know Concerning Subliminal Audio

Top 7 Things You Did Not Know Concerning Subliminal Audio

Subliminal messages are everywhere, they are a little controversial, and there are a lot of strange claims and myths about how they do and don’t work – here are 7 things you didn’t know:

  • Subliminals have been used by some celebs (no not just Anthony Robbins), such as Tiger Woods and even Stephen Speilberg – both of them quoting that subliminal messaging helped them to stay focused when it mattered, and reach their goals.
  • Reading some websites you might be led to believe it is illegal. This is innaccurate, it is not illegal, the only instance it is banned within is for use within advertising as here the intention would be to manipulate. It is completely legal to use for personal reasons – such as learning or improving confidence for example.
  • Prominent brands such as Coca Cola, & McDonald’s were accused of utilizing subliminal communications within their marketing and advertising. Coca cola for making use of subliminal pictures of naked ladies within their branding, and McDonald’s for flashing an advertisement for just one frame on the “Food Network” Television channel as well as additional accusations).
  • In the time of his election campaigns and speeches George Bush seemed to be employing different subliminal techniques. This ranged from the use of subliminal audio along with subliminal “triggers” to inserting subliminal messages into advertising videos.
  • The “tachistoscope” was prompted and developed on the back of a good deal of the early research into subliminal perception . This is a tool used within the military employed to teach soldiers to recognize enemy airplanes, and has since been adapted to support the development of speed reading abilities.It works in a similar way to some subliminal image / movie applications as it displays images and sentences for less than one tenth of a second.
  • If you believed every little thing you saw on tv shows or in movies it may seem that you can get an instantaneous / overnight outcome using subliminal audio. Sadly this isn’t the case.
  • Subliminal audio is coming into the mainstream by top self help gurus offering subliminals, and even hypnotherapists such as Paul McKenna offering subliminal audio as part of their product range.

If you wish to test subliminal messages yourself then you do not need highly-priced albums from hypnotists. It’s a very simple way of self help. You can can get started for FREE:

Start today – Download 3 FREE subliminal audio albums here

Whatever your goal is subliminal messaging can help you – from subliminal weight loss to confidence, and this is merely the tip of the iceberg – it is possible to obtain an advantage in practically any pursuit with the use of subliminal audio!

For more business information visit Davison Consultancy

Progress Developers wanted UK wide

Progress Developers are required throughout the UK. Candidates must have at least 2 years of Progress development tools such as Openedge, Webspeed, SmartObjects, Progress Database. Ideally, knowledge of the following would be useful: HTML, XML, Javascript.

Progress Developers are required throughout the UK. Candidates must have at least 2 years of Progress development tools such as Openedge, Webspeed, SmartObjects, Progress Database. Ideally, knowledge of the following would be useful: HTML, XML, Javascript.

For full details and a list of some of the current vacancies visit Progress Jobs.

Progress Jobs is a dedicated Progress skills recruitment service in the UK owned by Davison Consultancy.

Direct Mail – Improve your response

Do you send out over 1,000 letters per month?
Would you like to add a marketing message to every letter you send out?
Would you like to increase your openning rate?
Would you like the ability to change your marketing message quickly?

If the answer is YES to the above questions, contact me now to discuss how a revolution in direct mailing can improve your bottom line.

Business Advice for Start Ups

Starting a business or growing a business needs some serious time to research the market, qualify the business idea and create a business plan. There are many resources available on the Internet that allows you to obtain the relevant information.

Here are a list of links that may help you on the way.

By Robert Davison

Robert is a Business Consultant from Davison Consultancy.

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